Benefits of winter foundation repair

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Top 4 reasons to consider the winter season for foundation repair

Can you pick one season to get all your house repairs done? 

Maybe summer, right? A warm climate sees a lot of road work and roofing take place.

But, what about the right season for foundation repair? 

Although the intricacies of foundation repair do not change with the season, there is one season that has more benefits. It is the winter season.

From cooler temperatures to drier surroundings, the winter season is apt for foundation repair.

Does this not convince you? 

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider the winter season for your foundation repairs.

1) Dry Weather and Soil

  • The dry weather during the winter is a boon for your foundation. Do not look at the ice on top of the ground and pause the repair work. Underneath the ice is dry and warm soil. It is perfect for any kind of foundation repair to be done. 
  • We all know that the spring season is when all the outside cracks are visible to the naked eye. However, for the foundation, winter is the right time to inspect thoroughly. For our experts, it is also certainly easy to check the ground for potential cracks and leaks. 
  • During the winter, because of cooler temperatures, the soil underneath is solid. Coupled with the lack of wetness, the soil in winter is deemed suitable for any kind of repairs. 
  • Also, the soil in winter is subject to decreased precipitation. This increases the solidity of the soil. And there is no severe contraction or expansion. The lack of soil movement is a key advantage found in winter, over other seasons.

2) Less foundation settling

  • Any foundation repair company in Knoxville will attest to the fact that foundation settling is a staunch enemy. If the house is settling down into the foundation, no repair work is possible. And the repair work grows in severity as foundation settling often disrupts the ground. 
  • In winter, the scope for foundation settling is comparatively low. Hence, carrying out repair activities in the winter, with solid soil is a feasible choice. Compared to seasons with rain, which can further the settling of the foundation, the winter season is better.
  • With the ice covering, there is negligible to no water leaks occurring at the ground level. In the spring season, the icing topping is worn off. What this means is the warm soil underneath the ice is accumulating moisture. During spring, the frozen layer topples over and the warmth sets in, the accumulated moisture now turns into tiny water droplets. 
  • These soak into the porous blocks and find their way through tiny cracks. Over some time, the foundation loses its stability due to widened cracks. All these contribute to further settling in of the foundation. However, repair work during winter saves all these worries. 
  • Most of the foundation issues can be fixed, safely, and efficiently. Often thought of as a hassle — the sheet of ice on top acts as a protective layer. It prevents water from seeping into the cracks until they are fixed.

3) Ease of access to workmen and contractors

  • This is one distinct advantage of getting foundation repairs done during the winter. Given the lack of information about the right time for fixing foundation issues, the winter season is often neglected. 
  • Henceforth, most of the contractors face an extended period of no work. Likewise, no foundation repair company in Knoxville is occupied during the winter. 
  • What does this mean to you? This effectively means you can hire a company or a contractor, at your leisure. Also, trying out different companies before hiring one is possible during winter. 
  • Given the extent of time in hand, this winter season, you can set up for a deep inspection of your house’s foundation. Before the spring comes and all the ice layers break down, repairing your foundation is a smart move.

4) Basement Waterproofing

  • This season is tailor-made for basement waterproofing. Why? The reason is the absence of any extreme weather conditions. Heavy snow has not yet fallen. Likewise, the snow is not melting quickly too. 
  • Also, note that the majority of the household basements face water damage. When the snow starts melting rapidly, gushing water into the basements is pretty common. This not only results in flooding but also is a welcome sign for foundation settling. 
  • The constant exposure to moisture also sees the growth of molds on surfaces. Immediate repair services for any kind of water damage is very expensive.
  • On the other hand, the anticipation of flooding and working on it, during the winter is advisable. The cool temperature of the winter eliminates the possibility of flooding due to the melting of snow. 
  • Therefore, this is the right time to get your basement thoroughly waterproofed.  From a basic sump pump to pipe penetration, most of the services are feasible during winter.

So, Is winter the perfect time for foundation repair?

No. There is no perfect time for foundation repair, other than now. The Winter season is ideal when compared to other seasons. But, there is no reason to wait for winter when your house’s foundation is crumbling. 

Also, remember that waiting for a specific season or time of the year has an adverse impact. This wait might further the foundation issues, and grow in damage. This might increase the expenses while also extending the repair process.

Now, you know when to get your foundation repair done. You also know the foundation issues that can be curtailed by getting it repaired in the winter. There is just one thing left — choosing a repair services provider.

Quality work is the priority and quick work is an added advantage. How about hiring a foundation repair company in Knoxville that can provide both? And more benefits?

Guardian Foundation Repair is the answer.  Your house receives quality work in a limited time. We bring our years of expertise to every detail of foundation repair. The affordability of our repair services makes us your best choice. Contact us here


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