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French Drain Systems

Guardian Foundation Repair, LLC offers French Drain Systems for your home or building in Knoxville, Chattanooga and Tri-Cities.

We use 2 types of material to include NDS EZ Flow French drain systems (4 inch corrugated, perforated pipe wrapped in foam peanuts) and a traditional French Drain System (4″ corrugated, perforated pipe wrapped in a soil separating sock topped with gravel or soil). Call Guardian Foundation Repair today for a free estimate!

Benefits of NDS EZ Flow French Drainage Systems:

  1. Gravel-free alternative installation – providing labor savings over traditional systems.
  2. This system is crush proof
  3. Offers 30% better flow volume than traditional pipe and gravel systems.
  4. Durable with a 100 year life span.

Guardian Foundation Repair offers NDS French Drain solutions and traditional French Drain systems to fit your needs and budget.

Traditional French Drain System:

  1. Great for landscaping drains
  2. Foundation or perimeter drain solution
  3. Interceptor drain or curtain drain
  4. Roof run- off drain
French Drain

Some of Our Recent French Drain Installation Work

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