French Drain Installation Services in Knoxville

Water Management

Guardian Foundation Repair, LLC offers French Drain Systems for your home or building in Knoxville, Johnson City, and surrounding areas.

French Drain Systems

We use 2 types of material to include NDS EZ Flow French drain systems (4 inch corrugated, perforated pipe wrapped in foam peanuts) and a traditional French Drain System (4″ corrugated, perforated pipe wrapped in a soil separating sock topped with gravel or soil). Call Guardian Foundation Repair today for a free estimate!

Benefits of NDS EZ Flow French Drainage Systems:

  1. Gravel-free alternative installation – providing labor savings over traditional systems.
  2. This system is crush proof
  3. Offers 30% better flow volume than traditional pipe and gravel systems.
  4. Durable with a 100 year life span.

Guardian Foundation Repair offers NDS French Drain solutions and traditional French Drain systems to fit your needs and budget.

Traditional French Drain System:

  1. Great for landscaping drains
  2. Foundation or perimeter drain solution
  3. Interceptor drain or curtain drain
  4. Roof run- off drain
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