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Basement Wall Repair

Guardian Foundation Repair, LLC offers I-Beam Installation Services in Knoxville, Johnson City and the surrounding TN Tri-Cities!

Understanding I-Beam Installation Services

For below grade walls that have over an inch of displacement or shearing, most engineers recommend installing W6x16 I-Beams anchored to the floor systems above and below with 1/2″ bolts. The gaps between the wall and the I-beam are then filled with high strength mortar to further reduce movement.

The type of I-beam we use is a W6”x16” (unless specified differently by an engineer), anchored to slab below and bolted onto the floor system above with ½ inch bolts. Gaps behind the I-beam are filled with a high strength mortar. In some cases wood blocking must be added to the floor system above to prevent twisting and movement of wood framing. If the blocks are sheered or displaced, carbon fiber is not an adequate repair. I-beams will need to be installed on 4’-6’ centers and in some cases, the wall will need to be filled with concrete.

Some of Our Recent I-Beam Installation Work

I-Beam Installation Service 1 Guardian Foundation Repair
I-Beam Installation Service 2 Guardian Foundation Repair
I-Beam Installation Service 3 Guardian Foundation Repair
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