Adjustable Jacks

Foundation Repair Service

Floor Leveling With Adjustable Jacks

Adjustable jacks are a reliable and safe way to re-level and support sagging floor joists in residential applications. Adjustable jacks are available in many different heights with various lengths of screw adjustment. They are available with or without thrust bearings in the adjustment nut. The purpose of the bearings is to reduce friction when making adjustment under load and making it easier to jack weight.

Guardian Foundation Repair uses adjustable jacks to level sagging floors. Access to the underside of the floor is obtained through a crawl space. For a solid foundation, the adjustable jacks are placed on concrete piers. Then 4×4 lumber is placed inside the jacks. Next, the 4×4 Lumber is secured to a horizontal beam using a splicer and then jacked into position.

Adjustable Jacks
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