Crawl Space Drain Installation Services in Knoxville, Tennessee

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Guardian Foundation Repair Offers A Variety Of Crawl Space Drain Services in Knoxville, Chattanooga and Tri-Cities.

Crawl Space Drain Services

Guardian Foundation Repair Offers Crawl Space Drain Installation and Solutions.

Crawl space drains are installed to remove excess moisture and standing water in your crawl space. A crawl space drain is a great alternative to exterior excavation and waterproofing in hard-to-reach areas. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the crawl space drain, a vapor barrier or encapsulation system needs to be added to help reduce the moisture levels and improve air quality in the crawl space.

What is a crawl space drain?

Crawl space drains are 4” corrugated perforated pipe with a sock cover, installed along interior footer to carry water to a sump pump or low spot allowing gravitational exit. The Drain is back-filled with gravel and in some cases masonry weep holes are needed in block wall to relieve hydrostatic pressure and allow water to enter drain system.

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