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Push Pin Pier Systems

Guardian Foundation Repair Offers Push Pin Pier Systems in Knoxville, Chattanooga and Tri-Cities.

Guardian Foundation Repair’s Push Pin Pier Systems involve:

  • Expose the footer allowing 2′ from bottom of footer to bottom of hole.
  • Place a 6″ diameter, 12″ in length concrete cylinder in the hole with a powered ram on top and a titanium plate bracing footer.
  • Next we drive the cylinder into the soil.
  • We feed #4 rebar through a 1/2″ hole and drive the next cylinder into place.
  • we continue this process until enough pressure is built up to stabilize and/or lift foundation wall.
  • Fixing an 8″x8″x16″ 9000 psi cap block to pier, we can then make adjustments using a 20 ton bottle jack.
  • Next we shim cylinders from the cap block to the footer and back fill the hole, tamping the dirt for greater compaction.
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