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Guardian Foundation Repair, LLC offers Tie-Back Wall Anchors in Knoxville, Chattanooga and Tri-Cities.

What Are Tie-Back Wall Anchors?

Manta Ray© anchor system helps to stabilize bowing or tipping walls.

The galvanized anchor head is attached to steel rods that are driven into the substrate behind the wall until refusal. The rod is then passed through a steel plate or C-channel and set with a pneumatic piston that pulls the rod and sets the anchor.

Most engineers recommend that the anchors be installed on 4′-6′ centers with steel C-channel to help support the wall.

*Note: The wall much be filled with concrete before the anchor can be set.

Tie-back wall anchors are used to minimize bowing of the wall. They are installed on 4-6 ft. centers along a concrete block wall. If the wall is empty we will need to fill it with concrete. In some cases, a C-channel is needed from top to bottom of the block wall. Other circumstances require a steel plate. Once driven into max depth, we pull the rod to allow the tie-back head to grab the soil and secure the wall.

Tie-Back Wall Anchors

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