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Guardian Foundation Repair Offers Block Column Installation Services in Knoxville, Johnson City and East Tennessee.

Block Column Installation

Need To Make Sure Your Home Is Fully Supported?

Guardian Foundation Repair, LLC Offers Block Column Installation Services in Knoxville, Johnson City, & Surrounding TN Areas

Over time, the structural supports or load bearing areas may begin to sink into the ground or the wood begins to rot. It may also be discovered there were too few supports to begin with.

Block Column Installation Recommendations:

For Maximum main girder supports:

  • A double stacked 8” block column with a solid 4” cap block. These blocks are constructed on a 30”x30”x8” footer on 6-foot centers.

For less load bearing areas, such as Porches and Sunrooms:

  • We offer a single stacked 8” block column
Block Column Installation Guardian Foundation Repair

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