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Carbon Fiber Bands are used when the foundation wall has vertical or horizontal cracks caused by hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is caused usually from poor drainage such as over flowing gutters or clogged downspouts or a negative slope towards the home. When the water has nowhere to go, it settles in a low area and the soil expands causing the basement wall to bow inward and create a long straight crack in the mortar joint of the basement wall. If not repaired the wall would continue to bow inward and a more significant repair would be needed.

Carbon Fiber Installation Process

First we grind the wall where the 6″ wide by 8′ tall Carbon Fiber band will be installed. If the band is being applied horizonally we place the material 4′ on either side of the crack. Then we apply a 2 part epoxy to the wall in order for the Carbon Fiber band to adhere to the wall. Next we install the Carbon Fiber band and use small metal plates to secure the ends to the top of the block wall and to the bottom of the block wall. Finally, we apply a heavy layer of 2 part epoxy to cover the Carbon Fiber band.

Carbon Fiber Installation Service Guardian Foundation Repair
Carbon Fiber Installation Guardian Foundation Repair

Some of Our Recent Carbon Fiber Installation Work

Basement Wall Repair Guardian Foundation Repair
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