6 Signs Your Foundation Needs Urgent Repair

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A strong foundation is the reason any construction stands. Out of the total cost of building a home, the foundation accounts for between 8% and 15%. Termite damage, water leakage, or any other issue causing the condition of your foundation to deteriorate can be costly in the long run. Detecting the problem and finding a foundation repair contractor early enough can save you thousands of dollars. So, how do you know your foundation needs urgent repair–and then find the best foundation repair contractor for the job?


Below are the six key signs to look for when determining whether you need a foundation repair contractor to fix any foundation damage.

  1. Cracks
    These cracks can be found on walls either inside or outside the premises. Some cracks appear around the corners of windows and door frames. If you also find that there are cracks on the tiles and concrete of the foundation, you likely need repair.
  2. Sloped or bowed basement walls
    Sloped basement walls could be as a result of the expansion of the soil around the basement walls. Improper sloping of the ground outside, over flowing gutters and incorrectly placed downspouts could be the cause for the failure of the walls.
  3. Uneven or bowing floors
    You can check for slants, dips, and sags on the floor which could indicate a structural problem. The cause of uneven floors can be sagging floor joints or support columns, too much moisture in the crawl space or basement or it could be as simple as your floor covering. In addition, poor support designs can also cause wood framed walls to bow, roofs trusses and roof shingles to shift which could cause more damage to your home. The moment you notice this, you should reach out to Guardian Foundation Repair.
  4. Standing water
    If you notice standing water around your premises, it should be a cause for concern. It could mean that your home’s drainage has problems and you need a water management plan.
  5. Sticky windows and doors
    If you find that your windows and doors are sticking, it could be a sign that your home’s foundation is shifting.
  6. Unleveled mortar joints
    Check for gaps between concrete blocks or bricks, gaps around window seals or siding that isn’t lining up correctly or bowing outward. If there is any gap visible from the mortar that fills the joints, call Guardian Foundation Repair to come and evaluate the problem.


As soon as you notice these signs, contact all of your local foundation repair companies to get a quote. Whether you need regular maintenance or an urgent repair, hiring a professional is the way to go. Here is how to go about doing just that:


When talking to your contractor, it would be best if you have some knowledge about foundation repair methods, common techniques, and the average cost of the job. It will keep you aware of what the expert intends to do with your house.


This individual or company will be handling the foundation of your house and you don’t want amateurs tackling that responsibility. Check that they have several years of proven experience, that they are well trained and can provide references.


The contractor should be properly insured with a general liability and workers compensation cover. The value should commensurate with the value of the work. It will protect you from losses in case an accident occurs during the repairs.


A good contractor will be willing to offer a warranty for the labor provided and the materials used. It shows their commitment to offering the best services. And in case the work is shoddy or the materials are of low quality, you won’t face any losses. Be sure to study the terms of the warranty properly.

The foundation is a very important part of any home. It holds the structure and keeps it upright. It is vital to stay alert for any signs of a problem with your foundation. Repairs are part and parcel of owning a home, and it’s important to know when you need an urgent repair.  Hire the best foundation contractors Knoxville has to offer and you’ll get a high-quality repair job.

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