Can Water Damage Harm Your Foundation?

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Water damage is a bane for many homeowners, wreaking havoc to 37% of their property holdings. Within minutes, water damage can cause furniture finish to deteriorate and stain carpeting, among other disastrous effects. If any water damage is left to stand for a few hours, it can lead to mildew growth and potential structural damage.

When it comes to the foundation, water damage can lead to extensive basement repair costs as moisture accumulates. Other problems with your home’s foundation can lead to further issues with water damage. Here are signs to alert you to potential foundation problems from which water damage can result or that it can cause.


If you notice any visible cracks on interior or exterior walls while conducting basement repair chores or other routine maintenance, then your foundation may have developed a fault. Some of the cracks might be signs of routine settling while others might be cause for alarm.

The best approach when it comes to seeing cracks or bowed walls is to call Guardian Foundation Repair. We can provide you with a free professional opinion on the matter. Foundation repair is just like most things, fix it early enough and the cost isn’t as high, wait too long and the damage and cost go up.


Moisture in your crawl space is another sign that the foundation may need fixing, as excess moisture can lead to termite damage and weaken the soil that your home sets on. On top of that, moist crawl spaces and basements develop a pungent odor while providing a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Once the termites run amok, they will make the wooden beams beneath your home rot. After you deal with the foundation, don’t forget to seek crawl space encapsulation services to ensure moisture doesn’t wreak havoc again.


Another sign of water issues with the foundation is if you notice mildew growing outside your house. Lack of proper water drainage into the soil is a warning sign that your foundation has issues that need fixing. It may be that you need a surface or French drain. A home foundation repair specialist can advise you on the best option after assessing the exact nature of your drainage failure.


Water is a significant cause of various foundation problems. If you don’t nip issues in the bud, you’ll end up dealing with secondary expenses like basement repair and others. To eliminate water and other kinds of damage to your foundation, bring in a professional to correctly identify the core fault so that it doesn’t worsen over time. Foundations can not fix themselves and over time simply get worse and more costly.

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