Solid Reasons To Invest In Professional Basement Waterproofing Service

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Winter is already here, and the last thing you want is water leakage in your basement. Basement waterproofing protects your basement from wall rot, mold growth, and cold damps. It makes your home a safe environment. If you’re still wondering if it would be wise to invest, here are some solid reasons why you should hire a basement waterproofing company.

What happens when you do not waterproof your basement?

Putting it in simple words, when it rains, the water accumulates on the ground. If you don’t have a basement, water seeps in and goes back into the ground, causing no harm to the house’s foundation. But, when you have a basement, the water soaks in the basement. If you haven’t waterproofed your basement, you can see wall damage from water seepage. There can be mold growth too. And when winter arrives, the problem amplifies. You can quickly eliminate all these hassles with reliable basement waterproofing systems.

Why should you waterproof the basement?

  1. Keep the basement dry:

 If you have a basement, you would appreciate to keep it dry. By basement waterproofing, you can divert the seeping water from entering your home. Thus, you can ensure a dry basement, which allows you to use it for multiple purposes. 

  1. Minimizing the flood risk: 

If flooding is a significant problem in your area, you must waterproof your basement. It helps to reduce the risk of flooding inside your home. For example, a French drain can redirect the water from entering your home. Finally, waterproofing helps to strengthen the foundation of your home. 

  1. Prevent mold and mildew: 

Even if the risk of flooding is minimal, basement water leaks from snow or rain can lead to moisture build-up. And as we all know; the damped wall is a breeding ground for mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew can cause several health problems like cough and skin irritations. It can aggravate allergies and asthma too. 

  1. Protect your home: 

Waterproofing basement safeguards the foundation of your home by preventing water seepage. Thus, waterproofing protects the wall from rot and drywall damage. It also ensures that the ground where the home foundation sits is less prone to shifting. 

  1. Reduce energy requirement: 

If there is water seepage in the basement, it will raise the humidity of the home, especially during summer months. This means you need to spend more energy (and cost) to cool up. On the other hand, the walls may develop cracks from water seepage. When cold air gets in through the cracks during harsh winter months, you might have to spend more energy to heat the room. Waterproofing is the best way to keep your home insulated from the rising or falling temperature outside. It also makes heating and cooling more energy efficient. 

  1. Increase the property value: 

Having basement waterproofing solutions keep your property safe and secured from water damage issues. 

Different waterproofing methods

Now that we understand how water leakage can cause damage let’s know how to waterproof the basement.

  • Interior waterproofing method: These are different waterproofing methods that are done from the interior of the basement. You go for an interior waterproofing method once you have identified the problem. Some of the known processes are the application of sealants, coats and other methods to prevent condensation
  • Exterior waterproofing methods: As the name suggests, various techniques are applied to waterproof the house from experience. This may include an external drainage system, coating the exterior walls, etc. 
  • Drainage system: Improper drainage system is often one of the underlying causes of wall damage. So, it is essential to look into your drainage system to review if there is any leakage happening from the drainage system. 

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Dos and don’ts of waterproofing

  1. Do know the source of water.
  2. Don’t repair or waterproof your walls without removing the stagnant water from the basement.
  3. Do fill in the cracks in the wall with a suitable quality sealant.
  4. Don’t forget to check the window wells. Leaks can be hiding there.
  5. Do waterproof the bare basement walls.
  6. Don’t apply sealant on painted walls

How to waterproof hard-to-reach areas

While exterior excavation is a popular way to waterproof, a crawlspace drain ensures waterproofing in hard-to-reach areas. But what is a crawlspace drain? It is a 4” corrugated perforated pipe that has a sock cover installed. This allows for draining out water through a gravitational exit. To maximize its effectiveness, the crawlspace drain is encapsulated with a vapor barrier. This helps to reduce the moisture level and improve the air quality in the crawlspace drain. It is a super-efficient system to keep your basement free from water leakage. Wondering how to get a crawlspace drain installed in your basement? Professional basement waterproofing service like Guardian Foundation Repair offers crawlspace repair service in and around Knoxville. 

Why you should hire a professional basement waterproofing service

You may want to waterproof your basement yourself to save cost. But know that the fundamental lies in identifying the water leakage source and applying an appropriate waterproofing system. Just putting up a waterproof barrier or applying sealant may not always solve the problem. Guardian Foundation Repair a professional water proofing service providers can help you to identify the exact source and nature of water leakage and thus suggest the right waterproofing method. 

Get in touch with the waterproofing experts today and safeguard your basement from further damage.

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