When Should You Call a Professional Contractor?

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People forget that their foundation is as much their house as the floor beneath their feet. Have you started noticing little cracks on your walls? Does the floor seem tilted? These are just some of the problems that could arise when you have a compromised foundation. Read on to learn when (and why) you should rely on a professional contractor for your home foundation repairs.


Over time, a building may experience foundation movement. This usually occurs from shifting soil, creating gaps and cracks as the house settles on its off-center foundation.

If you have cracks on your wall, first determine whether they are vertical or horizontal. Vertical cracks are often caused by a settling foundation while horizontal cracks in your foundation suggest pressure from the surrounding soil. You should also invest in home foundation repair companies that will give you the best value.


When a foundation sinks or settles, one side of the foundation is often lower than the other. In this case, a home foundation repair company is likely to install interior and exterior foundation piers. Be on the lookout for foundation settling: a house that’s been left unattended can sink two to four inches into the earth on average.


The opposite of sinking is rising and that’s exactly what happens during a foundation upheaval. This foundation shift is caused by excessive moisture due to heavy rains. It might seem shocking, but this occurrence is more common than you’d think with 37% of homeowners having suffered losses due to water damage. When an upheaval happens, parts of the foundation are forced upwards, creating uneven floors and cracks.

A professional house leveling company will be able to deal with this problem in a short time.


If your doors are sticking, this could be pointing to a problem in the foundation. Foundation contractors will help you remedy this situation as fast as possible.

Now that you know what signs to look for, hiring a home foundation repair professional contractor is the best way to protect your home. These experienced professionals can give you peace of mind and save you money for years to come

Your foundation is an essential aspect of your house. Since it is exposed to moisture, it is likely to fall prey to water damage. If you don’t take regular care of your foundation, you are putting yourself and your loved ones in danger. This is why you should hire a competent home foundation repair service to repair your foundation. For more tips and advice, rely on the professional contractors of Guardian Foundation Repair today.

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