5 Reasons to Stop Putting Off Foundation Repair

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Did you know that nearly 14,000 people suffer from a water damage emergency at home or at work each day? Many of these disasters could have been prevented, and Home Advisor reports that the average cost of repairing water damage costs more than $2,600. Check out these five reasons to stop putting off your much-needed foundation repair.


If you leave foundation damages alone for too long, it is extremely likely that you will experience water damage problems. This can cause mold and fungi to grow in your home and negatively impact your health. If mold is allowed to grow in your home, it can trigger allergic reactions. It can also cause respiratory complications like asthma and produce a foul odor. Fungus can cause skin and eye irritation, and could cause skin infection in severe cases. Thankfully, this can all be prevented with interior waterproofing, exterior waterproofing, and by looking for foundation damage warning signs like growing cracks in the foundation.


In addition to respiratory and skin problems, poor air quality can cause your HVAC system to overwork and use more energy. This will cost you more money, and perpetuate a mold problem by pumping in fresh oxygen.


A weakened foundation can cause problems for the entire structure and pose a serious danger to everyone inside. Here are four signs your foundation repair contractor will look for to check if your foundation is sinking:

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Cracks in walls or around windows / door frames
  • Hard to open doors or windows
  • Uneven Floors


Depending on the route you take, receiving a home financing loan can be extremely difficult if a home inspector finds foundation issues. If this happens, you can still apply for a bank loan. However, you will likely have to accept a higher interest rate on your loan if you finance through a bank.


Putting off your home foundation repairs not only puts your health and wellbeing at risk, but it can be considerably more expensive to repair the longer you wait. For example, a minor crack in your foundation may cost as little as $500 to repair whereas a collapsed building could cost you over $30,000.


Foundation problems will only get worse and more expensive to repair over time. From health complications to a potential loss of property, it’s clear that there is no time like the present to contact a foundation repair contractor. When you take care of your foundation, you will have the peace of mind that comes with keeping your property healthy and safe.

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