Three Signs You May Need Foundation Repair

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If you own a house, one of the most overlooked components of your maintenance routine is your foundation. If the foundation is weak, the rest of the structure will be weak, too. Because of that, you should know how to find the best foundation repair services.

One of the biggest challenges that people face is identifying the signs of a foundation that needs repairs. You can always look at the following factors to know when to call the contractors before things get out of hand.


Cracks are the most visible sign of a foundation that needs repairs. If you notice the slightest crack, you should not wait for it to get bigger before contacting foundation repair contractors because you never know how deep the crack goes. Cracks can occur anywhere on the foundation, and therefore, you may have to inspect it thoroughly to identify them.

Identifying and fixing cracks should not be a difficult task if you know how to find the right foundation contractors to fix them. They rely on the best equipment to reinforce the cracked areas so that they do not break again.


A sagging slab is an indicator of imminent danger. Slabs can bow because the earth beneath them has sunk. They can also sag because of many other factors, and so, you should always be on the lookout for such signs.

There are many ways through which you can fix sagging slabs without having to expose the building to more danger. When you contact a slab foundation repair company, they will examine the causes of the warping and recommend the best ways to fix it, including removing part of it and installing it again. They might also pad the earth beneath the slab to ensure it won’t shift in the future. House leveling services can be used in correcting the defects that lead to a sagging slab, too.


If you have noticed moisture or water coming out of your floors or foundation walls, it is a clear indication that your building needs urgent foundation repair. Interior waterproofing services may be enough to mitigate this problem, but it’s only putting a bandage on a much larger issue. The contractor may have to do more depending on the situation. For instance, if the gutters are not correctly installed, they will have to fix them too. There should be at least a ten meters distance between your foundation and the point where the gutters divert water.

When proofing the house from water, the contractors will also check if there are termites and other insects destroying the foundation. Termite damage repair involves getting rid of the insects and sealing the little holes that they make in the slabs and walls. If the contractor uses the right methods, they should never recur.

Foundation repair is something that everyone who owns property should know more about. You should also carry out regular inspections to identify defects early for the best repairs. When you’re ready to invest in foundation repair you can trust, rely on Guardian Foundation Repairs today.

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