Do You Need Basement Repair?

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The three primary forms of home foundations are crawl spaces, slabs, and full basements. Basements, in particular, require certain kinds of upkeep to ensure that they stay safe and livable. Between cracks in your walls and high levels of humidity, it’s no wonder these home features need a little extra care and sometimes, basement repair.

Basement wall repairs are sometimes necessary to keep your home structurally sound, and your basement safe to live in. But how do you know when your basement walls require repairs? Read on to find out.


This one is a sure sign that basement wall repairs are necessary.

It isn’t uncommon for basement walls to have little cracks in the concrete over time. These may not seem problematic, but it’s possible for these small cracks to become even worse if you don’t pay attention. When they grow too large, they become easy ways for water and insects to get inside. If you neglect this problem, you might find that your whole basement is in jeopardy.

Fortunately, if you catch them soon enough, the necessary repairs are minor. Get them checked out right away by a basement wall repair company to avoid costly damage in the future.


Water accumulation can cause damage to flooring, furniture, and anything you store in your basement to use later. Because of this, water damage can end up costing you thousands of dollars over time. If rainy weather or sudden floods result in water accumulating in your basement, you should contact the services for basement wall repair Knoxville trusts.

Foundation contractors can figure out where the water is coming from, and if there are any serious problems that need to be repaired to prevent further harm.


Sometimes the walls of a basement can start to bend, bowing towards the inside of the house. This typically happens when pressure is applied by the soil surrounding the basement when it gets wet or heavy. This might occur because of fluctuating pressure caused by water in the soil freezing and thawing. Different types of soil and different climates are more prone to this than others. If you notice that the walls of your basement are bowed in, it’s a sure sign that you need basement wall repairs right away.


If the floor in your basement has started to sink in the middle, or if it appears uneven in places, it may be a result of shifting soil beneath the foundation. This issue happens naturally over time but that doesn’t mean it’s not inconvenient for the homeowner. In this case, may require piers to be installed beneath the floor to add support, and to prevent separation of the foundation walls.


Unfortunately, this one is fairly common. Many homeowners notice that their basements never seem to stop smelling wet or moldy, no matter what they do to prevent it. This can be a result of small separations in the foundation, which are letting in moisture. Mildew and mold growth are two very serious problems which can result in potentially irreversible damage to your home later on.


If your basement has windows or doors that won’t open or close correctly, it could be a result of shifting soil causing your basement’s entire structure to lean. Awkward windows or doors may not seem like a big deal, but this can lead to much bigger problems down the road. Speak with a foundation repair contractor to determine the best course of action to prevent future damage.

These are just some of the things you should look out for when you’re worried that your basement walls need repairs. Be sure and speak with repair contractors right away if you notice any of these problems in your basement.

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