Could a Wet Basement Cause a Collapse?

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Did you know that 98% of homes that are built with a basement will experience some type of water damage? A study conducted by Home Advisor found that the average cost of repairing water damages was $2,675. It’s clear that paying for these damages out of pocket is inconvenient at best. What can homeowners do to keep their property safe from a wet basement? The answer may be more simple than you think.


This is one of the most common types of home waterproofing. Do you notice that your basement is always damp after it rains? It may be time to call a basement waterproofing company to install a sump pump. This device will help pump water away from your basement and prevent gross mold and fungi from growing. You should also ensure that your gutters are pointing away from your house, encouraging the water off of your property. If you are building a new home, start by making sure the gradient of the land surrounding your home forces rainwater to flow away from your property. In other words, build your house higher than the road if possible.


A damp or wet basement could signal a larger issue known as foundation damage. If you begin noticing cracks in your walls, floors becoming slanted, or windows and cabinets becoming harder to open, contact a foundation repair specialist right away. A damaged foundation can be caused by rainwater improperly draining into your home or by the formation of a sinkhole. A sinkhole forms when collecting water under your foundation moves sediment and the pressure from your home caves into the destabilized ground. In severe cases, this could cause your home to collapse. Damages in your foundation will only get worse (and more expensive to fix) the longer you put off repairs.


Keeping moisture out of your home doesn’t stop at basement waterproofing. Exterior waterproofing can help keep rainwater away from your home as well. This process involves coating the outside of your foundation in a waterproof barrier to keep moisture out. Many homeowners will also have a drainage system installed to move rainwater away from their property. Both of these preventative measures can help keep your foundation healthy and save you from needing to contact a home foundation repair service.

If you do need these repair services for a wet basement or want to invest now in preventative waterproofing for your home, contact Guardian Foundation Repairs.

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