Guide for Installing French Drain System in Your House: Pros & Cons

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A French drain is known by a variety of names and designs, including drain tile, rock drain, and trench drain, to mention a few. The core components of this drainage system stay the same regardless of design. It acts as a gutter system for your yard, channeling water away from your house.

A French drain diverts groundwater and rainwater away from your home’s foundation, minimizing costly leaks and damage. The best way to keep moisture away from your house foundation is to install a French drain system. It could be a lifesaver for you if installed correctly! You can contact the best house foundation repair service in town if you ever want to install a French drain system for your house.

But first, let’s know how the French drain works.

Groundwater is moved away from your foundation using French drains. At their most basic level, they are gravel-filled trenches. The gravel keeps the soil from washing away by collecting the water in the trench. The water flows into the trench and is diverted to a safer location away from your property. A perforated pipe in some French drains gathers the water hidden in the gravel.

You may also ask, are they really French? Maybe, but Henry Flagg French, who literally wrote the book on farm drainage in 1859, is the one who gave them their name. In his work, he discusses how this water drainage technology became popular on the East coast before migrating west.

Pros and Cons of French Drain

As good as the French drain system sounds, it also comes with a few downfalls. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of French drain installation for your house.


Good for Foundation Waterproofing

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Cheap to Install

The installation of a French drain system requires little more than gravel and possibly a perforated pipe. They have been around for a long time for another purpose. They are extremely cost-effective, especially when contrasted to the cost of restoring a foundation that has been weakened by water.

Very Long-lasting

When you consider how long a French drain system may endure, you can see how affordable they are. Because these systems do not require any mechanical machinery or moving parts and pieces, they can last for decades after they are installed. It’s a good long-term water drainage solution.

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Need Excavation of Land Around the House

This isn’t the solution for you if you have a lot of delicate landscaping or can’t dig a trench owing to property constraints. In order to use the French drainage method, you must first dig a large ditch on your land, which can then be filled with gravel. If the idea of a ditch on your property makes you uncomfortable, find the best foundation repair experts about other possibilities.

Hard to Install

Although French drain systems are affordable, they can require a lot of manual labor. You’re better off hiring a professional crew with the necessary specific equipment and manpower to dig out the ditch properly and efficiently. Don’t worry if you cannot take out time for this, just contact foundation repair Knoxville services, and, voila, you will have a French drain system at your home in a jiffy!

Maintaining the Drain

Another issue is the cost and difficulty of drain cleaning. When a pipe in a French drain becomes clogged, locating the component of the pipe that is causing the problem takes time. This can be costly and necessitate a second round of removal or replacement. Root incursion from surrounding trees could also cause the pipe to be damaged.

So, Is the French Drain System Right for You or Not?

French Drain System - Guardian Foundation RepairYou can save money by laying the pipe yourself, whether you install the drain outside or inside. However, because the drain must be laid at an exact slope in order to function properly, you should engage a business or house foundation repair service to dig a trench in most circumstances.

Consider using the trench’s displaced dirt for another project, such as a garden. You may also capture the water at the end of the pipe and reuse it to water your plants by placing a container at the end of the pipe.

There are numerous benefits to installing a French drain. It may go a long way toward improving drainage in your yard and minimizing costly and disruptive damage to your home’s foundation when installed properly.

If you live in Tennessee, there’s a strong possibility that a French drain will be the best drainage solution for your home. These systems are compatible with the soil types found in many Tennessee homes. More than one of your neighbors  is likely to have a French drain system installed on their own property! 

If you want to learn more about French drain installation and whether it’s the best option for protecting your home, get in touch with Guardian Foundation Repair experts today.

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